Reflection Paper On Reflection

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In this paper I will divulge how I “have achieved the goals of the course.” The goals of this course, English 1020, were to attain the learning outcomes of research, reading, writing, and reflection, in order to further better ourselves as writers, but also to prepare us for future writing situations. Projects such as the rhetorical analysis, the research argumentative essay, the social media project, the reflections, as well as this current reflective essay were centered around these learning outcomes and assisted in the mastery of those learning outcomes. Not only did these projects serve as the basis for understanding these outcomes but they also served as a basis for improvement in my writing skills . Thus, through this course I was able to improve my attainment of the learning outcomes of reading, writing, researching, and reflecting through the use of the rhetorical analysis paper, the argumentative research essay, the …show more content…
As a writer I have been able to see my progress and the improvements I have made in my composition style, through the use of the learning outcome of reflection. I demonstrated this when, I contrasted the differences between composing the rhetorical analysis and the argumentative research paper, in my argumentative research essay reflection. As mentioned in my argumentative research essay reflection, “ in the rhetorical analysis I was looking at the way the author added to her arguments and tried to persuade the reader. In the research argumentative essay I was the one that was trying to persuade the readers using different points to appeal to them.” Using this written reflection I was able to monitor and evaluate the differences in the types of essays I had written. In addition, it allowed me to evaluate and monitor my learning progress in my writing from the rhetorical analysis to the argumentative research essay, and ultimately alloted me to attain the learning outcome of

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