Reflection Paper On Planned Parenthood

843 Words Apr 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Honestly, at the start of the semester I didn’t think I could write a 9 plus page scholarly article. Or, rather, I thought I could turn an essay in that made little impact on me but got me a decent grade. Looking back, however, I think I’ve produced a good paper. When I started, my main goal was to learn more about an organization I was curious about. To me, Planned Parenthood has been on organization unfairly attacked and I wanted to learn more about how their organization itself felt about these claims of illegal abortions and use of fetal tissue. You hear a lot about the bigots’ opinions on the matter but you rarely hear from the organization itself. I think I learned a lot about an organization I am interested as well as my writing.
I think that my research was successful. I was able to find several secondary sources to kick start my research and help me figure out where to take it. I think that I was successful in creating a gap for my research to fill. I used my scholarly research to present both what I did and didn’t find. I then used the gap in my findings to create an opportunity to find out more about Planned Parenthood through primary research. I have gotten feedback saying I do this successfully.
With my primary research, I think that I used genre analysis pretty well. I went in depth with my analysis of the rhetoric and tone used in my genres and I believe that I made good conclusions that supported my claim. Where I think I slacked was with different types of…

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