Reflection Paper On Personal Development

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Academic Consultancy Training (YMC-60809) Communication and Personal Development

Expectation Paper

Student: Jean Claude Noel Majuga
Registration number: 830923540070
Group ID: 1646
Coach: Helena Kwaaitaal
Date: 12-01-2016

General part
The Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) is designed to give insight for students to work in the team on the project of external person. Specifically, it will enable me to render the services of consultation for successful project in the future. Discussing to the students who did this course before me,
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I am able to share my opinions and to take into account the idea of everyone in the team. I am able to search information from literature and other different sources and to share it with my teammate. I am able to be familiar easily with people that we meet at the first time.
Platform (50%): I feel free to collaborate with people, but sometime I go in the way that I don’t like because I may be a bit silent. This is my character. In my mind I know who I am and what I want to achieve when working within team. I know that this character is not good sometime when you are working as a team. I want to try to do the best collaborator by sharing the findings and idea with other teammates.
Action plan (100%):
 I listen and understand others opinions and find out more information through reading relevant articles, books or other sources. I will share this information with my team.
 I will work hardly to finish my task and take time to work on the other parts which are not yet
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This will help me not only in ACT group but also where I will work after my studies.
 I want to try my best to contribute and ask questions in every meeting with my team, coach, expert and commissioner.

It – dimension:
Goal: I know how to write a scientific report
Full achievement: I have a clear understanding of the goal of the project and the expectation of the commissioner so that I know which important information can be included in the report and how it can be presented in the document.
Platform (70%): I am open to receive feedback from all involved person in order to make the clear report. I straggle to start the work that I am assigned including feedback. I have a clear view of the goal of the project but the literature for more information is still low because there is no research done on the plant that we are working on especially in Netherlands. At the end of this report I hope all contents needed to make a clear report will be included. I hope that it will be presented scientifically.

Action plan (100%):
 By referring to the existing literature, internet and conducting interview to different people, I will have all information required to write the scientific

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