Reflection Paper On My First Consultation

2105 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
When my first consultation sent me their paper previous to the consultation, I was relieved. The chance to review a paper and have valid points of revision made the idea of talking with a stranger in an unfamiliar medium more than enough to settle my nerves and pushed me to go above and beyond on my revision notes. I had only gone through the paper once, riddling the margins with suggestions and circling spelling errors, or noting global issues on a separate page. When I had finished, the paper was lined with ink. In my mind, I had revised the paper to match how I would have written it: coherent thought patterns; detailed explanations with supporting detail; strong paragraph structure; and most importantly, a valid, well thought out argument. This paper, because it wasn’t written in my hand, seemed to be lacking would I would constitute as “staples” that every academic paper should contain.
Upon reflection, I decided that presenting a completely marked-up paper to an unsuspecting writer wasn’t the best course of action. I scraped the paper and began again, making small suggestions on a separate page to respect the writer’s own personal views. I broke down the preliminary revision into global and local issues, deciding that they would make the consultation run more smoothly. The global issues consisted of things like lack of explanation; uneven paragraph lengths; missing concluding statement; and most regrettably, a lack of argument. Without an argument, a paper is like a…

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