Personal Narrative: My Observation At Oakdale High School

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On Friday, September 30th, I had the opportunity to observe at Oakdale High School. After observing at the high school level, I do not believe I would want to teach high-schoolers. If I decide to teach high-schoolers, the only class that I would be interested to teach would be child development, because I would still get the chance to work with young children. Overall, the high school level does not interest me as a future teacher. Oakdale’s classroom and school did not have many similarities with my high school, which was Catoctin High School. One similarity was that both schools offer similar classes. For example, both schools have history, math, science, and child development. Also, teachers at both high schools use an online gradebook system, which is convenient because the grades can be accessed from anywhere. Another similarity between the two schools is the lay out of the school. When a person first walks into each school, they will walk to the office, then the cafeteria, then the classrooms. The last similarity that I noticed was how at both school, not many people use the lockers, instead they carry …show more content…
In our class we talked about learning styles and how the “perfect” teacher teaches towards each learning style. What I liked the most about Oakdale High School were how all the teachers I observed taught towards each learning style. For example, each teacher would show a visual, next give the students some time to work together as partners, and then the teacher would talk some. I loved this! I felt that this type of teaching really grabs all of the students’ attention and ALL the students enjoyed learning this way. Each student came into class with a big smile on their face and ready to learn, I could tell that the teachers were doing awesome at their job. Even though our ED 102 class has learned several topics, I felt as if learning styles stood out the most in my observation

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