Reflection Paper On Group Class

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Group class is I taught me the tools to work with groups therapeutic, communities and individuals through the process of changes. I think a lot of opportunities has been created to shadowing with (beside and behind) those with whom I in group facilitations. This class has taught me about the skills and how to effectively facilitate groups. It has asked me to develop a deeper practice of self-reflection, and has required me to become a life-long learner, dedicated to understanding the complexities and dynamics of interconnected relationships. In addition, this group class and journal reflection paper has offered a lens with which to see the client issues from deferent angles and world. I now have a deeper understanding of the connections that hold us together and the factors that drive us apart. As I have learned social work is a collection of theories and practices that deal with individual and social change. While I have long been engaged in these processes of growth and change, I become emboldened with new tools through my groups class In particular, I have learned new ways of working with groups, how to navigate and shift social systems, and a broader understanding of how power structures impact society, groups and individuals. I also learned the effective way of working with groups. I learned how to communicate my ideas to the group while trying to balance the ideas of others so the group can come to an agreed upon decision. Obviously this can benefit me no matter what…

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