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Museum Visit Reflection Paper Art is a fascinating experience when one receives the chance to experience it in person. Bakersfield California has an amazing museum called Bakersfield Art Museum. They have many different types of art to see and learn about. One particular collection The Bakersfield Art Museum displays is called Eight Decades of Painting by Edward Reep. This is the main exhibit in the museum. The Edward Reep collection was found to be the most intriguing of all. Through his collection, a very fascinating story is told of his life.
Edward Reep, 4th Street Santa Monica One painting hanging in the art gallery by Edward Reep called the 4th Street Santa Monica it is an oil painting he painted in the 1940’s. This painting
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All his paintings are put up in order of when they were created so to tell his life story and journeys he made. This can be found very interesting and intriguing. The museum has a hall that has photographs that Reep took while in the army along with a story for each one. These photographs along with their stories grab the visitors attention and help them to relive Reeps stories and feel as if they were actually back in the 1940’s. Visiting art in real life verses looking at it in the textbook is significantly different. When viewing art work in person one can see the different textures used and just how beautiful the colors used really are. When observing through a textbook it is impossible to see just what type of texture is present and can be difficult to see all the brush strokes used. Art is a story and when an individual can see close up and personal it is possible to see every inch and inspect each tiny …show more content…
Art comes in many different forms; paintings, drawings, printmaking, still photography, video art, sculptures, architecture and so much more. Each of these can then go deeper for example, paintings can be Urban landscape paintings, portraits, commemoration and documentation, religious, and political, just to name a few. For centuries, humankind has been decorating themselves in art, a practice still used today in tattoos. Art can be found in interior design, landscaping, makeup, and even architecture. There are many elements to creating artwork. For instance lines, they define shapes, indicate direction, and they can even create three-dimensional form. Lines can even be used to create light and dark shadowing in the picture. The methodologies of art are another aspect to be learned. The most interesting of these is the iconography and iconology, this method of art work tells a story. Going to your local art museum will have a lot to offer as well. Edward Reep was a very intriguing and well-rounded man in his talents. Being a part of an art appreciation class will open your eyes to a completely new

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