The Book Of Mark Essay

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The book of Mark gives a similar however different view of Jesus as a person than the book of Matthew. This book does not talk about the childhood of Jesus. It talks about his life as a leader up to his crucifixion and resurrection.
The book talks about different ways Jesus was perceived. He was perceived as a great leader as well as a teacher and leader by his disciples. Later in the book it talks about how they felt about him being the leader. They did not really question his leadership however were used to Messiah’s being royal. The previous that were called “Messiahs” were rich and from royal lineage.
Jesus was the son of a carpenter and lived a humble life. He was not rich with wealth or silver and gold. He was rich in power and knowledge.
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I am a single mother of two children. I was blessed with a well-paying job, however, it is still hard making ends meet when my household is living off one income. My mother sat and talked to me and told me that my faith may not be a strong as it should be. She advised I should pray about it and turn it over to Jesus. Once I do that I have proven that I trust in his word and power to take care of my children and me.
It was hard for me to believe in this in the beginning. I have begun to do just that. Once I pray about my worries, I let them go. Things usually work out for the best. I have come to realize that the things that did not get accomplished according to my expectations, may not have been right for my family and something better is in store for us.
Some of the main teachings in the book of Mark are marriage and divorce. Jesus taught in Mark that a man or woman who was involved with two different people were committing adultery. He also taught there is a way to children. You should not have children out of wedlock
Another topic that was taught was salvation, Jesus taught that no one is perfect and therefore everyone makes mistakes. We are all sinners needing forgiveness. This can only be granted by God. If we believe in God and Jesus his son, we will be granted

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