Personal Narrative: My Team Work Together

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Overall I think our team worked really well together but we fell through with our personal tasks. Something amazing happened in our group, we became friends! In the begging when our group met it was for mandatory reason, not to create a relationship between the members of our team. But as time went on we all started to become friends, I barley new any of the people on my team but now that we have laughed felt pressured and worked together towards a goal I feel that we have a connection. For example Parina was probably the coldest person in the group in the beginning trying to stay focused on our goal and not in enjoying the atmosphere created with our comedic group. But towards the end everything changed for our final meeting before handing …show more content…
Personally I think I could have been less of manager and more of a team mate. I really tried to make sure everyone did their work but I could have just trusted my teammates which would have probably made the quality of work even high due to the amount of self empowerment they would feel from the autonomy they would be given. One way I feel my team really worked well together was we put so much more time into our interpersonal relationships than time in doing hard focused work. In our final meeting we meet for close to 3 hours and we only did 30 minutes of quite work the rest was enjoyable stress free and democratic group work with heavy reliance on each other expertise. Overall this has been the best team experience I have ever had. I’m very proud of what we made because it’s the best presentation I have ever made in a team. I never realized how important common goals are in a group especially with so many different people. I also relized that giving people time to voice their opinion even If you don’t agree with them can really help find the best action to take for the group and create a more beneficial relationship within our

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