High School Student Observation Paper

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I am interning at an urban high school and work primarily in the attendance office with chronically truant students. This student (IP) was brought to me by the attendance dean because she was chronically late and her mother called the school asking for help. The student is a 15year old female student, diagnosed with depression, has a HX of cutting, suicidal ideations, and is actively abusing cannabis and potentially pills. The student does not receive outside therapy and is not mandated to counseling in the school so she only receives help from the social work staff when there is a crisis. The student has been coming to see me since the beginning of the year and has come to me 3 times with suicidal ideations. The first time she was referred to the hospital for evaluation
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As a result, the school was called by the mother. When the attendance dean arrived at the home the student refused to leave her room. Initially the student’s chief issue was with her step father. The student stated that she was late every day because he wouldn’t drive her to school and she had to walk. The student complained that he cared more about his children then he did her. The student also stated that when she and her step father have problems her mom steps in and takes his side. During this incident the mother took the students ipad. The student stated that she didn’t want to live anymore and that her mother hates her. The attendance dean contacted the social worker to do a suicide risk assessment. The student was taken to the hospital and release a few hours later. After this initial event the attendance staff began sending the student to see me when she would come in, and eventually the student began seeing me on her own.
Identify the system within which the client currently resides, working the genogram out from the

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