Justin Curtis Case Study

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Presenting Problem: Justin Curtis is a foster child who is currently placed at Arrow Diagnostic in Parkville, MD. Justin had been placed with one foster parent since 2006, when he first came into care. Justin came into care after allegations of child abuse. Justin started having behavioral problems in 2012, after his foster father passed away. Justin constantly missed curvfew, got into trouble with the law and refused to take medication as prescribed or participate in therapeutic services. In addition, Justin continually refused to attend school. Justin history is remarkable for physical and verbal aggression, oppositional behavior and disrespect for authori9ty along with legal troubles. While in middle school he was suspended for 45 …show more content…
The incident occurred at a bus stop, and now has a strong phobia in regards of going to bus stops. The foster mother suspect of sexual abuse, due to him asking to cancel a doctor’s appointment who was male doctor. Justin reported that something happened years ago. Per report from Dr. Bentley’s report indicate his grandmother’s paramour sexually molested Justin in 2003 and that the perpetration was incarcerated, but no additional information was provided. Also from the Psychosocial Assessment indicated Justin’s maternal uncle came into Justin’s room at night while Justin was sleeping and tried to touch him in sexual way. Justin screamed and his mother called the police, it was noted that his uncle was incarcerated.
Justin started having problems at school in 2013, when he threaten to stab student at school. Justin was suspended for 45 days and was transferred to Lombard Alternative school. Justin is currently in the 11th grade with an active IEP, but is rarely at school as he is out running in the streets most of the time. The teachers at his school report that when Jusin is at school, he’s either sleeping class or disrupting the

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