Reflection On Self Directed Learners Essay

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Reflection on Self-Directed Learners “At the heart of self-directed learning is the notion that the learner takes control of his or her own learning (Merriam and Bierema, 2014).” According to the research done by Allen Tough in his book The Adult’s Learning Project, and cited by the Merriam and Bierema, 90% of adults in Tough’s study were engaged in a self-directed learning project and 70% of learning projects were planned by the adult themselves. “Subsequent studies have confirmed that upward of 90% of adults are engaged in some sort of informal learning project (Merriam and Bierema, 2014).” Knowing that the vast majority of adults will participate in the notion of learners being self directed in there quest for knowledge, it is important to understand what exactly is meant by self-directed learning and the process people go through in this quest for knowledge. Self-directed learning is defined by an approach where the learning or acquisition of knowledge is controlled by the learner. It is learning that takes place where the learner “intentionally sought the learning, planned the learning, took responsibility, controlled the learning, and evaluated the outcome (Merriam and Bierema, 2014).” It is important understand that the process of self-directed learning is not confined to totally academic purposes. Self-directed learning is the process someone goes through anytime they have evaluated themselves and determined they would like to acquire a new set of skills or…

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