The Importance Of Mentoring Student Relationships

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In today’s schools we are identifying more “at-risk” students who need more additional support to achieve success in school. These students are emotionally, physically, socially, and academically trying to survive daily. Some lack outside support from family due to their home situation or not having anyone to help them with school work. Mentoring students can provide that bond and trust between teacher and student that can help a child succeed and provide a constant adult in the child’s life. I have four students that are failing my academic class. I wanted to see how mentoring these four students on a daily basis would affect their progress. I wanted to make observations on how mentoring students’ one-on-one relationship
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The specific research question that I addressed in this research is the following: Will mentoring and creating a relationship with at-risk students improve their grades?
Literature Review Teaching social studies in the middle school I see one hundred and thirty-two students in a day. During this time, I am teaching common core state standards daily in fifty-four-minute class periods with little or no time to spend with struggling students. Due to the number of students for whom teachers are accountable, meeting with all students daily and meeting all their needs is virtually impossible. Struggling students become at-risk academically. These students fall short of the learning target, and the learning gaps continue to grow (Moore, Gallagher, & Bagin,
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At the beginning or your mentor relationship students feel like continuing education after high school is unattainable, but you must show them that you are there to help them succeed. At a Texas middle school’s mentoring program, they begin by taking students on college visits in sixth grade, was effective in changing students’ perceptions of college, according to annual student surveys (Radcliffe, R., & Box, B. 2011). Students will see a whole other world to strive for outside the 4 walls of their classroom. Since mentors will have that personal relationship with the student they will learn their interests and in doing so they can visit colleges or vocational schools to show them what they are working

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