Mississippi Literacy Based Promotion Act

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Mississippi Literacy-Based Promotion Act

The Mississippi Literacy-Based Promotion Act was passed during the 2013 legislative session. The Office of Elementary Education and Reading, a faction of the Mississippi Department of Education, is responsible for training K-3rd grade educators with research-based instructional strategies to help implement the Literacy-Based Promotion Act.
The Mississippi Department of Education provides the purpose of the act:

“The purpose of the Literacy-Based Promotion Act is to improve the reading skills of kindergarten and first through third grade public school students so that every student completing 3rd grade reads at or above grade level. The intent is to increase the proficiency of all students in reading by the end of their 3rd grade year of school.”

“Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, a student scoring at the lowest achievement level in reading on the established state assessment for 3rd grade will not be promoted to 4th grade.” While the intentions of the program are good, there are several components of this assessment that affects teachers, parents, and students. The biggest part of this initiative affects students. Students will no longer be socially promoted and will be required to repeat the 3rd grade unless he/she qualifies for an exemption.


To begin, overcrowding in schools presents a problem for learning. A UCLA study shows that student achievement is reduced 5-17 percentile points when classes are

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