College Reflection Essay

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This chapter was all about making a smooth transition to college. This chapter taught how to deal with college. Taught me key terms like credit hours, general education requirements, academic advisor, college catalog and many more. This was important to me because I am the oldest and am new to college. This chapter taught me that I need to review my college catalog because they change it periodically every year and that you are expected to follow it. That most degree or certificate programs need a certain amount of credit hours to get a major. This called your degree requirements. I also learned that you have to take core classes like English, math, and health classes. I also learned that I need to look at my schedule and know when I have important …show more content…
I completed all the assignments in my class and turned everything on time. I got way better in English than I thought I would. The one thing I would do different is handle my stress better. When I first started I was overwhelmed with homework, I had 4 computer class assignments and an essay due. I got super stressed and I almost quit but I learned that I just need to work ahead and be positive about it. My perception has changed a lot I thought that college was going to be like high school, go in there do my time, get out and have a no homework. Sadly it is was not like that. I have a lot of responsibilities in college I have to struggle school with work. I try to get everything done during the week so I can do stuff on the weekend. Yes I did underestimate time. I always heard people say that every credit you have you spend an hour working on homework. It was not exactly an hour for each credit but it was very close. I felt like I had no life I would work on homework every day. I did not deal with very many conflicts right now the only conflict I had was in English, I was getting a D grade on my papers, but I got better and now I am getting good grade on all the papers. When I take my college classes next term I will keep doing what I am doing. If I do start to struggle I will go see a tutor. The only thing I would change different is try not to get stressed, if I stick with my plan of action I will be

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