Reflection On Cognitive Development

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As I learn more about life span development, it begins to move towards socioemotional, physical, and cognitive development in infancy, early childhood, middle, and late childhood. There were many concepts and theories that have provided me with a better understanding about the way I was growing up as a child, attending elementary and junior high school. I can easily look back and see how some of these concepts and theories reflect upon my life. It is always interesting for me to learn about the different developments of life, especially when I have already lived through those age stages. I am never disappointed with what I learn in this course. My main focus is in early and late childhood with Baumrind’s theory of authoritarian and authoritative …show more content…
It is important in children’s cognitive development and with their success in school. Executive functions are used to organize and act on information. Working memory is one executive function. This skill is the ability to carry information in mind for the purpose of completing a task. Working memory is like your mental sticky note. When I was in fifth grade my classmates and I were learning how to round decimals. My teacher at the time came up with a catchy poem to remember every time we had to round a decimal number. It went something like this, “Find the place, look next door, 5 or higher add one more, 4 or less stays the same, that’s how we play the rounding game.” This year is my first year back at Chaffey college after being absent for 3 years. I had to take a math refreshment class before I could take a credited math course. It had been a long time since I 've worked on math problems. As I was sitting in my math refreshment class going over the math problems, I came across a rounding decimal problem, right away the poem I learned in fifth grade came to mind and I was able to answer the problem correctly. This would be an example on how working memory is

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