Critically-Literate Citizen Reflection

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In this course, the students were asked to act like a critically-literate citizen, which is someone who uses their skills as a literate person to impact society in a positive way. The point of this class is to strengthen our writing skills to become an even more effective citizen. To help strengthen our writing skills and to give us a way to organize our writing, we were told to use the MEAL Plan, which are paragraphs broken down into main ideas, evidence and analysis, and linking back to the larger claim. Our assignments included discussion boards with topics stated from the instructor, peer review responses to the discussion board assignments, writing essays, writing reflections essays, summarizing passages, and peer review responses from the essay our partner wrote. At first I was terrified about taking this class because I was already behind in this class when I started, but once I caught up, I was overjoyed with excitement about my grade. To be honest, I did not want to take this class until I started to think about college, but even then I …show more content…
With each assignment, I feel like I have improved. I learned that it is okay to receive feedback that grinds my gears because that feedback actually improves my writing. I also learned that I was a better writer than I thought and I am on my way of becoming a critically-literate citizen. What works well for me in this course is to see assignments as a chance for me to grow and to incorporate a little bit of my personality in each assignment to make them enjoyable to read. Looking back at my grades, one thing that needs to be improved is my grammar; I am annoyed that I see no improvement in that area, but I am finding ways to make my weakness a strength. I am happy that I am taking this course because I feel accomplished and satisfied with my writing ability and I am also excited for the end of this class because I want to reflect on how much I have

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