Reflection Of The Situational Leadership Style

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Leadership. During our fifth meeting, Danielle was the designated facilitator. She began the session with a “diversity activity”, where she asked each of us to share a personal fact about ourselves. When each of us began sharing, I observed each member becoming fully engaged in the activity when disclosing personal interests, describing their families, or even sharing their favorite food.
I believe this was not only effective, yet also necessary. Considering Rita and Hamida had previously stated concern with respect to how we had not previously become more familiar with each other, I believe this experience was a turning point for our group as members each began feeling an increased connection to one-another, further establishing and developing the relationships between each of us. For instance, Rita used this opportunity to share with us her perspective with regards to issues related to interpersonal conflict and misunderstandings within the group. She shared with us
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Keyton (2002) notes, “by increasing levels of relational concern, the participating-style leader can overcome any insecurities or anxieties members may have” (p. 217). Hence, I believe this style was perfectly suited to the situation at this stage in our group, as it was necessary to address the needs stated by members, while also provide an opportunity for members establish and develop relationship.
Team Development. As Kass (2008) notes, in “Lacoursiere’s Life Cycle of Groups”, the model presented is “a five stage progressive model of group development. The stages are: orientation, dissatisfaction, resolution, production, and termination”, and each “stage includes task and socio-emotional behavior” (p. 55). Throughout our team process, I believe we experienced each of the five stages outlined in this model, as elements of each stage were present

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