National Teacher Dispositions (CAEP)

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National Teacher Dispositions (CAEP)

The First standard states that the teacher should be able to understand that each student is an individual, who has different way of consuming information and digesting it. Moreover, by using different methods of teaching for different individuals, the teacher can increase learning ability for a particular child. The standard states that because such aspects as cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas may vary for every student, the teacher should be able to create a variety of methods that can be suitable and usable for every student. The teacher should have a student-centric approach, which represents a progressive way of learning.

The Second standard states that the teacher should be able to accept and respect every student regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. The teacher should be able to understand that each student is unique and recognize his or her unique qualities. The teacher should create a safe, positive, and nurturing environment in
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The way in which a teacher assesses student’s learning shows students what the teacher find important and worthwhile. Assessment is a reflection of the teacher’s perception of the nature of the student, the purpose of education, and the value of assessment. It is important to remember that assessment should not always be paper-pencil, but also the teacher’s observations on how every student learns and participates in the studying process. Only by observing students behavior and development the teacher can assess the way a student is growing through the learning process. An effective approach to assessment should be that of assessing throughout instruction, rather than only utilizing assessment as a way to determine a final grade. Assessment must promote learning rather than solely measuring

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