Importance Of Assessment In Education

The Importance of Assessment
Assessment in the education setting allows teachers to monitor and gauge what the student is learning. It gives the teacher feedback for further instruction on how and what to teach the student. If the student does well on the assessment then the teacher can move on to the next step in the process, if the student is struggling, the teacher can adjust and reteach the lesson, or modify it if necessary. The assessment measures the metacognition knowledge that is displayed in the student’s ability and achievement, therefore, allowing the teacher to identify the knowledge gained by the student (Handel, Lockl, Heydrich, Weinert, & Artlet, 2014).
Students with Learning Disabilities and Test Taking Test taking is
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Learning to take proper notes during the lessons can assist the LD student in gaining the correct information for the assessment. Teacher guided notes for the students allow the student a guided direction through the lesson to sift through the important information. Studies have shown the guided notes such as cloze and strategic note-taking, has increased the accuracy of notes and improved test scores (Boyle, 2012). In the cloze strategy, key terms are missing in the notes and students are directed to write in the words. In the strategic note-taking strategy, the acronym CUES is given and the student fills in the missing information. C stands for cluster, it asks for 3-6 main points of the lecture, U is for use, it is the teachers cue to record ideas, E is for enter, this asks the student to enter important vocabulary words, and S is for summarize, it leaves space so the student can write down important information (Boyle, 2012). Guided note-taking is not the only form of note-taking that has been found to be helpful for students in the classroom; other forms such as using technology has been beneficial for the student in taking notes in the …show more content…
Anxiety can set in when it is time to take a test, therefore, learning how to become familiar with test and understand what is expected can help eliminate stress and anxiety.
Applying Practice Test Taking Teachers can give the student sample test over things they know and enjoy; it can be as simple and as easy as what their favorite flavors of ice cream are. By using the same format as the test, the student can become familiar with what is expected on the test.
Written Assessment Strategies Students with LD have difficulty in writing assessments because they may not understand planning, drafting, and revising of the material. Today’s classrooms are becoming more focused on test scores, and less focused on the skills for developing proficient writers (Olinghouse & Colwell, 2013). Due to the lack of instruction in this area, students with LD who have trouble with self-regulating and goal setting, can fall behind even further on their assessments.
Applying Written Assessment

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