Reflection Of Teaching Philosophy And The Philosophy Of Education

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Teaching philosophy (20% / 200-300 words)

Differing theoretical perspectives are evident in our teaching world, some conflicting and some complementing. However, these different perceptions of teaching, differing pedagogical applications and management of classrooms all share a common goal; that is the critical goal that education has to shaping the lives of Australia’s future citizens. I believe that quality teaching and learning can effectively take place when student’s key instincts drive them towards achieving their full potential. In order for this to take place, I will strive to give immediate feedback to strengthen behaviour in the classroom that facilitates learning. I will endeavour to nurture an environment that will encourage excitement
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I will clearly set the learning environment for my students at the beginning of the class year so that my expectations are clear and misbehaviour is minimised. I will aim to create a climate that is assertive yet supportive. I will be direct with my students, whilst demonstrating an approachable attitude to foster their learning. Creating a climate of trust, safety and comfort will evoke students to feel supported and a sense of belonging which will in turn allow them to display the correct behaviour to enhance their learning. Setting high expectations of my students

Maintaining high expectations of my students in the classroom is highly important.

However, these expectations will be made achievable and will be according to each individual’s capabilities (Bochner et al, 2010). Motivations towards both learning and content will be a key aspect in the climate of the classroom and this will occur through active learning and engagement with the content couples with positive reinforcement of correct behaviour Allstot et al, 2008). Finally, a sense of belonging is a core component to a classrooms climate. Making an effort to personally know students names along with their interests will establish a sense of connectively.

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The classroom organisation will set the stage for a positive classroom ecosystem. I will seek to ensure my classroom environment provides security and social contact as well as appropriate interaction between students and teachers. I believe that the classroom organisation will directly impact the pedagogy delivery and therefore it is important to ensure that the furniture arrangement facilitates the pedagogy that I implement. The specific elements for good classroom management will need to be embedded the organisation of the classroom as well; such as scanning, smooth transitions and mobility. I will place students with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours in the instructional focal point in my classroom. I will also make changes to seating arrangements whether on a whole-class or individual level in order to re-establish control or to directly manage a particular relationship with a student. My preferred seating arrangement will be the use of rows. The pedagogy I am employing here is centred upon my delivery of content to the students and with a focus on individual desk work. I will also establish key routines and procedures early in the class year so that expectations are set from students. I will ensure to communicate a clear class procedure early in the year for how I would like the class to operate and make certain students are clear of what is expected. Furthermore, I will

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