Supersize Me

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This in class presentation of Super-Size Me is the first time I have seen the film. For the past few months, I have not eaten fast food. In fact, the last fast food I have ever eaten was In-N-Out, and In-N-Out is not such a bad place to eat in. Those burgers are delicious and their fries are fresh. As of now, I was eating a big Carne asada burrito from a genuine Mexican restaurant. So I do not think that really counts because I can control the amount I eat over time. I was very tempted to go visit Jack in the Box to get their lovely, fat squeezed, tofu but advertised as “beef”, saggy tacos. However, I was in a rush and decided to not get it. Aside from In-N-Out, long ago I was going to Carls Jr., McDonalds, and Dairy Queen. As stated before, …show more content…
However, while witnessing the film, it was a very casual and practical tone. It does have some key facts presented with a little history here and there. The film is decent and I like it. For the budget it has, it sure has an overly, disproportionate effect on the fast food industry. McDonalds has smoothly recessed its Super-Size Me options from the menu without attracting so much attention. Of course, it is a business standard to maintain their fake, glorious image. Certainly though, I would have liked to see more background results and more realistic approaches involved, such as exercising and more hidden, potential causes stated. The film does not have such a great end, and I certainly would have liked to see also more realistic trains of thought, not just a “here is the moment where I film my outlook feelings and outward impressions I have about this fast food” kind of thing. Overall, it is a decent film and I rate it seven out of ten. I did some research afterwards and it seems that he does not want to share some more critical details to others about his large experiment with McDonalds, ironically similar to how he cannot get an interview with that one big shot lady. It really makes me a bit sad to see such a positive film using bad advertisement logic to enact certain policy

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