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The main composition of this group is religion being a church group. We all go to Antioch community church and consider ourselves either Christians or Jesus Followers. This was an intentional result from careful recruiting at Sunday service or by ways of socialization or assimilation once a person starts to attend the Lifegroup or Section. I know when I first started to attend Lifegroup; I was not a devoted Christian. I believed in God and Jesus, but practiced no rituals or norms associated with a Christian. Before the semester ended, I had accepted Jesus into my heart and gotten baptized at Awaken, where the picture above was taken. They are very good at taking people in and making the new members ideals align with the group.
Since this Section
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The section is divided into multiple Lifegroups and in each of these Lifegroup; there are at least two Lifegroup leaders. Over the Lifegroup leaders are the section leaders, in my sections our section leaders are Moses and Hannah, seen above in the brown sweater and the Baylor sweatshirt. All the other people in the picture are different leaders, whether Lifegroup or worship. In it you can see that there are both sexes and a good diversity in the leader group. As said before, since this is a religious group, it is expected that everyone, who is a leader, goes to Antioch Community Church. You are expected to be evangelical Christian, so that when we go on impact or mission trips that you will be able to share the gospel with someone who may have drifted or have never heard of Jesus. They say that when a person is selected to be leader, the former leaders sit-down and pray, and Jesus will tell them who would be a good …show more content…
I have been a part of this group for 3 years now and observed some of the inner working of how to make this group run smoothly. Those with more time to give to socialization get higher in the ranks of this group. In laymen terms, the popular kids run the Lifegroups and Section. Those who come from a higher social class typically have more time to commit to this group. However by the common education, age groups, and religion association, there is a great sense of belonging to this group. These people become your family for the next four or so years and help you with the transition from being a kid in high school to an adult in the real

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