Positive And Negative Setting Analysis

One assignment that I really enjoyed was the positive and negative setting descriptions. For this project we got to choose from a few pictures that were given to us. We first had to write a positive description of the scene. After that we had to write a negative description using the same ideas as we used for the positive. I really like to use descriptive words when I am writing. This is one reason I liked this writing assignment. I was able to create a story using my senses to describe the scene. This was some what challenging to do. I had to think outside of the box and use my imagination to create something that may or may not be in the picture. I learned how to look at the same thing from different views and learned how to express those things in my writing. …show more content…
I love to write about what I know well and what I care about. Writing about a story that happened in my life was easy and fun. Well, at least I thought it would be. I found it to be kind of challenging because I had to take a memory I had in my head and put it down on paper. I learned that not everything you think sounds good on paper. I had to work hard to get it to flow without changing the story. I learned how to write a story, not just an essay. I was able to practice skills like dialogue, first person and both past and present tense. I loved the challenge it gave me and the opportunity to write about something from my life. The assignment “Me as a writer” was very interesting for me to write. I was able to look back at myself, as a writer, and write an analysis. I loved finding out what kind of writer I was. What I like and don’t like about writing. While writing this paper I learned how to make my writing better. I was able to critique myself, and also applaud

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