Management Theory In Action Essay

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When it comes down to it, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and learn from them to better ourselves and to better address situations at hand. There is always room for improvement and to prepare ourselves to deal with whatever may come to us in the future. This then leads me to organizational behavior and the ways to achieve the greatest possible outcome within groups, organizations, and as well as individual satisfaction. There are certain concepts to be considered in order for an organization to be more successful. Among them are the areas of self-knowledge, efficient stress and time management, motivating and inspiring coworkers and the people around you, recognizing and attaining power, and developing highly accomplished teams. Eric Kessler has addressed all of these topics in the book “Management Theory in Action.” I’ve decided to take these …show more content…
Likewise, it’s important to understand the proper way to utilize your authority and how you could use it to inspire others. The topics of motivation and power play a large role in this area. It’s important for a manager to have the ability to empower and influence other workers in order to work together towards realizing the major goals of the organization.
An essential concept in an organization is the set-up of goals. Goals reflect the intentions and targets that are anticipated to be achieved. For the overall goal to be reached there needs to be motivation. There are three different factors to cover in order to set more motivational goals: make them more challenging rather than easy, make them clear and detailed, make them reasonable to handle, and always give and allow feedback. This not only helps to give each person a focus, but it also promotes higher performance and more determination towards each delegated

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