Leisure And Society: Course Analysis

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Three months before, I was struggling with course selection. At that time, I just wanted to fulfil the credits. Finally, I chose “Leisure and Society”. Before attending the class, I didn’t expect to learn too much. I thought leisure was only referred to the time free from work and duty. Going through the course, I realized that leisure actually plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life, it contributes to our personal growth, or even brings benefits to the community well-being. In this essay, I will review on what I have learnt by integrating the concepts and theories into my life experience. Lastly, I would like to give some suggestions for improvement of this subject.

Throughout different topic taught, the relationship between leisure
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I prefer more leisure activities centred around my friends and peers. We usually sang at a karaoke bar, went hiking and cycling together. Some of my friends are anime fans, but I am not. According to the Erikson’s psychosocial development, adolescents usually meet role confusion, they want to gain sense of belongings from peers (White & McManus, 2015). Despite that I am not an anime fan, still sometimes I went to the Anime Café with my friends as a companion, to gain acceptance from them.
Now, being a University student, I can have more autonomy and free time, since there is a long break after each semester. I usually go travelling with my parents and friends. For my parents, travelling is a great time for them to relax and escape from stress. During young adult’s stage, they always need to earn money and pay attention to the family unit, especially for my mother, she gave up her work to take care the children. Women usually combines role responsibility with leisure, and they probably have less time for leisure when compared with men. But after reaching the stage of middle adult, my mother and father can have more time to practice their hobbies as the children become more independent. Apart from travelling, Chinese painting and calligraphy are the serious leisure that I like the most. Every weekend, I attend the Chinese painting lesson and spend at least a half day on drawing. Occasionally, I
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The relaxation theory states that play can restore energy and relax individual. Hence, everyone needs leisure and have to take a rest to balance the pressure built up in daily life. I am glad to have the opportunity of taking this subject in this semester, such that I can have a brief overview of leisure from different social science perspectives.

Last but not least, I am now going to make some comment on this subject. This is a nice subject with low workload and has a revision week on week 7, such that students can spend more time on preparing the group project and studying. I appreciate Ms. Fong’s efforts on preparing games and finding guest speaker to share their viewpoints with us. In that lecture, I recognized the difficulties in operating recreational institution in Hong Kong. I hope in the coming future, more guest speakers or celebrities can come and share with us.

Overall, I enjoy attending this course very much. I will definitely recommend this subject to my friends and peers, hope all of you can enjoy your leisure

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