Why I Chose Research Paper

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In school and in life, you are going to have to do things you do not want to do. Does that mean you should not put much effort into studying and just work enough to pass a specific class? Would you only focus on what you’re interested in? In my opinion, no, I think you should tackle everything you do with as much effort as you would something you love. Why? No matter what it is, you can learn from it, whether it is a Literature class that you feel is useless in life, or a Theatre class you have to take for a credit. Always keep an open mind and you will be amazed what you can learn. I do not believe that any knowledge is completely useless. Perhaps you have learned something you thought you will never use, then you will find yourself …show more content…
I would also like to do a research paper, since my degree is a science-based major. Research papers are going to be plentiful in my college journey. In my future job, as an Equine Specialist, I will use written communication daily. I will be writing business documents, health reports, letters and E-mails. I would like to be able complete any writing assignment with confidence by learning how to write them efficiently.
I think this class will be an excellent foundation for helping me write proficiently. I really need to increase my writing skills to a college level so I can be able to communicate clearly with all my professors, classmates and eventually to my future customers and employers through my writing. I would like to learn how to properly write and construct essays to flow smoothly through the transitions from my thoughts. I need to learn how to take my thought pattern, and correctly put my ideas and opinions on paper. I hope to write proficiently through any type of written communication that I will encounter throughout my
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Even if I only achieve a few of these goals, it will be worth taking this class just for the writing practice and gaining more knowledge about simply writing. I will strive to make the best possible grade in this class as I complete my senior year of high school this May.
Writing is one of the most important skills to have, because it is one of our many ways to communicate with others. No matter what field you go into, or what job you have, excellent communication skills are necessary. Communication defines us, when you cannot meet someone face to face the only thing introducing you is the words you put on paper. It is critical to be able to present yourself clearly. Writing is a part of our everyday lives, whether it is writing a personal E-mail or a business document. My main focus is to be able to write clearly and concisely in all my written

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