Reflection Of Group Work

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I contributed a great amount of effort throughout this project. Throughout this semester, I have contributed to this project in group meetings and working on the project in my free time. A requirement that each group has was to have two mandatory work meetings. By the end of the semester, me group has met a total of four times. In the first meeting, I contributed by researching different topics we could do for the presentation. We knew we weren’t limited to a certain category, so we created a list with a variety of topics. This list was used in class when we finalized our topic. In the second meeting, I contributed by starting to create the PowerPoint presentation. I also looked at the syllabus to completely understand the criteria we needed …show more content…
The main type of outside sources we used were news article. Our presentation had four examples of honor killings. We researched the information about the examples by looking at recent news articles. One site we used was the Daily Mail. On this site, we found an article about an honor killing in Texas. Two teenage girls were murdered by their father in his taxi cab because he found out they had boyfriends. In his religion, he believed his daughters should not have boyfriends so he was very angry when he saw they did. Another outside source we used was YouTube. YouTube allowed us to visualize honor killings and see what the aftermath looked like. We could read news articles, but the articles would not help us visualize the situation. For example, we found a YouTube clip of a brother killing his sister is Iran because it was rumored she got married. The clip showed an interview of the brother after the killing, and the house the killing occurred in. We were able to better understand the conditions they live in and the atmosphere after an honor killing occurs. Our group also used class material for the presentation. In the presentation, we used the excerpts from “Age, Race, Class, and Sex” by Audre Lorde and “The Deportation of Barbie from Iran” by Faraneh Milani. In Lorde’s piece, we used the term “copy it, ignore it, or destroy it” to evaluate how people handle differences. In America, people have the options to copy it or ignore it, but in some countries the only way to handle difference is to destroy it. In other words, people who participate in honor killings destroy to person who is seen as evil. In Milani’s piece, we described how the deportation of the Barbie was similar to an example we found. In Iran, the Barbie was deported because it had Western characteristics. In the example we found, a female was killed because she showed Western characteristics. This similarity shows that the Western lifestyle is

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