Reflection Teamwork

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Teamwork is considered a driven strategy purposefully designed to improve interpersonal relationships, develop an efficient way to approach complex and eclectic issues as well as to improve communication skills, decision making, conflict resolution and cognitive development.
To analyze my group dynamics experience using relevant theories related to group processes and performance; it is crucial to start by identifying teamwork constraints that occurred during and after the process. Having identified such limitations, the best possible way to approach each area in concern is by strategically design a course of action, always keeping in mind that these are valuable learning experiences for our personal and professional growth. The implementation
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The process of decision making is vital for teams to reach consensus and make better decisions; however, it requires willingness from each member, tolerance, acceptance, respect and value differences in reasoning. Particularly, our group experienced difficulties in deciding for a topic, some of the members were pro ethnic groups and the rest preferred to research on a community. Once we decided for a community, we encountered another disagreement and it was rooted on the fact that one of the members was proposing to research on a San Diego county community, but some of us were concerned on the time range we had available to complete the task, availability of the members, and accessibility to the community’s information. According to class lectures, poor decision making does not only correlates with not having enough time and information for the task completion, failure to reach consensus; but it also deals with social loafing which in our case mired the group from taking better decisions especially when trying to synthesize points of agreement. Additionally, our group dealt with free riding because evidently some of the members demonstrated a lack of accountability. For example, deficiency of ethical responsibilities was present especially during group meetings because some of the members arrived late and unprepared; it seemed that they were not able to set their own priorities and this unfortunately affected the group process

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