Reflection: Group Interactions In Groups

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Diary # 3

In our group today activity we discussed which book we will be reading for our presentation. The hard part challenge our group faced was that we all had similar choices in the books we wanted to choose. Three people choose how children succeed and two other members choose will power. This activity was challenging for the group because our professor suggested that one or two of choose a different book in order for the group to have a variety of books being read with the group. The easiest part of the challenge for the group member was when we had to explain our reasons for choosing a specific book.

Reflecting- Group Relationships
All the group members in the group acted wonderful with each other. We have all became comfortable with each other and really enjoy communicating with each other.
During this group experience I acted more relaxed and
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I have less anxiety and fear. As far as developing professionally, I heave learned that I should try to not be nervous when I am joining a group because mostly likely after I spend more time with my group I will feel appreciated and comfortable. My strengths as a group member is that I am always willing to start a conversation. I believe this is a major strength within the group because it helps breaks the eyes to any fear or nervousness that might have been felt within the group. Another strength I have is that I am extremely good at making eye contact with my members. I make sure I put all my focus on who ever is speaking to that they can know that I am interested in anything that they have to say. My weakness as a member group is that I tend to forget things easily and I need to have thing repeated to me. I feel like this is my biggest weakness because I feel like it rude to have people repeat thing more then

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