Reflection On Group Activity

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Diary # 3

In our group today activity we discussed which book we will be reading for our presentation. The hard part challenge our group faced was that we all had similar choices in the books we wanted to choose. Three people choose how children succeed and two other members choose will power. This activity was challenging for the group because our professor suggested that one or two of choose a different book in order for the group to have a variety of books being read with the group. The easiest part of the challenge for the group member was when we had to explain our reasons for choosing a specific book.

Reflecting- Group Relationships
All the group members in the group acted wonderful with each other. We have
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I was friendly, interactive, and actively listen to all m group members. As for my group members, they all acted very similar to the way I was reacting. In addition, some of the group member were extremely informative and really helped me understand the whole concept of the group psycho-educational project. Further more there were some things in my group session that made me proud and others that made unhappy. One thing that the group members did that made me proud was when everybody shared a meaningful reason to why choose their specific book. Moreover, one thing that me made me unhappy about the group was …show more content…
In addition, it also presents the level our development extremely advanced. We were very well together and have a great connection with each other even though we have known each other for such a short period of time this activity that you didn’t know before this group session. During this actively I learned many thing s about my group member. I learned Sasha is very skeptical person and that why she is really interested in reading the book will power. Alexandra has two kids and want too read how children succeed because she want to help her older daughter go better in school. Juleesa is a social worker and works with kid and she feels that if she were to read the book how children succeed it would help her with her job. Based upon what I observed during this group session, noticed that there are several strengths within the group. We all are determined and motivated to do excellent in this class. Also, we are always willing to help each other understand something that maybe confusing or unclear to someone in the group. Also we are all extremely good active listeners. Moreover, my group has some weakness such as our group always has members missing. This is a major weakness within the group because when we need to discuss certain topic or idea we cannot take full action on which ideas we want to choose because we cant make an

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