Food Ritual And Unjust Reflection

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Reflective Piece:

Two discussion thread that I chose for the final portfolio is “Food Rituals” and “Unjust laws”. These two discussion threads matter a lot to me, I loved cooking and I was homesick for a day or two after writing the discussion thread on food rituals. Every time, I cook food on many occasions here in the United States reminds me of my family back in Nepal. This is the third year that I am away from my parents and I can’t wait next December to eat my mom food. I really liked a letter of Martin Luther King Jr. to Clergymen where he spoke about the unjust laws. I have friends from Iran who are unable to meet their grandparents back in Iran because of Trump’s Muslim ban. Honestly, my friends from Iran are the best people to be around
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For me, making food is like listening music to others. I have a couple of friends here in the United States, who leave the kitchen as soon as they see me. As much as I love cooking, I hate washing dishes equally. Recently, me with my friends celebrated thanksgiving, but in a Nepali way. I made chicken curry and some pickles which were delicious. Thanksgiving is not a thanksgiving without a turkey, so we even made turkey as well. This is the first thanksgiving that I celebrated despite of being in the United States for almost 3 years. This could be the reason; why this thanksgiving was special for me. Cooking for another is much fun, and it even feels better when they liked the food. I hope that Kathleen is doing well now, she got a great gift and she is trying her skills to indulge herself by feeding other and putting a smile on other’s face. I have never compared sex and food ever, but after reading this article I was wondering if I could give up any of those or make one more priority. Cooking food is not just about eating, it’s a bonding experience where people come together to share a meal

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