Essay on Reflection And Reflection Of Art

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Reflection of Art in My Everyday Life
On a daily basis, I pay close attention to the colors, prints, and photographs of the places I go to, and things I see. I love to organize and decorate things which I learn by observing new things and methods to do so.
Photography is one of the things that I am more interested in. Sometimes I take the time to decor my room since I consider it my safe place. I wish I could do more but I am a very busy student who works 6 days a week. I live away from my family so the main thing on my walls are pictures. Pictures of my homeland, trips, my parents, siblings, grandparents and even pets.
I also have a whiteboard where I write out my work schedule, my classes, and important dates as bills and due dates. I have a passion for calligraphy which is a visual art, I think it is very a beautiful thing that takes a lot of patience. I like to write out quotes on regular paper and I hang them all over the walls in my room. I like to be able to look up and read them I tried to do them in calligraphy but sadly I am not good at it.
I also have a small collage (you can see it in the picture on the left) with some happy memories, some are old pictures of my siblings and me as babies where even parts of the photograph are coming off because of old it is. It was taken almost 20 years ago with what is now a very old-fashioned instant camera.
There are also some images that I kept from an old calendar all over my room, mostly beach pictures. I absolutely love…

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