Reflected Appraisals Essay

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The confinement of this shot paper is to discuss the reflected appraisals and their influence on my self-concept. Essentially I must list five words that describe myself along with people who have been and are especially significant in my life. Once narrowing down the participants I ask them how I am perceived and what traits ties in with my personality. Once the controlled experiment is conducted the goal is to assess the results and trace how I see myself to the appraisals reflected by the controlled participants in my life.
Confidence, reliable, hardworking, intelligent, and athletic seem to be the key words that defines how I reflect upon myself. This particular assignment sparked my curiosity; I experimented with my family members and
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“We see ourselves as we think other people see us. Thus, the studies undertaken have found strong relationships between self-perceptions and reflected appraisals and rather weak relationships between self-appraisals and actual appraisals of others” (Cole, 1991; Marsh, Barnes, & Hocevar, 1985). The University of Vienna, Austria discovered this independent variable; this not only found in children but adults as well. Take myself for example, I see myself as what my family and close friends label me as. If someone else were to look in from the outside would they describe me the same as everyone else? That question brings me to an article published by “Journal of Social Issues”. The study examined how immigrants’ feelings of ethnic identity align with their perceptions of how other people see them, and how these reflected appraisals from others contribute to immigrants’ experience of discrimination. “Over the years, considerable discussion has been directed toward understanding ethnic identity as a situationally variable experience, linked to the dynamics of the social context” (Christian, Gadfield, Giles, & Taylor, 1976; Okamura, 1981; Rosenthal & Feldman, 1992; Rosenthal, Whittle, & Bell, 1989). Discrimination can be lead numerous ways, just how perception is perceived through the eyes of someone looking into your life from the outside. We as a society are so quick to judge one another without even knowing the person. It’s a saying everyone has heard when they were a child “don’t judge a book by its

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