Reflect Upon Your Own Life in Terms of the Erikson's 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development and Write About What Was Your Experience Like Handling Each of the Eight Developmental Tasks/Conflicts.

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Question :

In Erkson’s view, everyone experiences eight crises or conflicts in development. During each of the eight stages of personality development, a specific developmental task or conflict will be more significant than any other.

Please reflect upon your own life in terms of the Erikson’s 8 stages of Psychosocial Development and write about what was your experience like handling each of the eight developmental tasks/conflicts (where applicable).

Erikson’s Psycho-Social Development

Erik Erikson theory consists of 8 stages of developmental stages; each stage contains different societal/environmental expectations. A “stepping’ process with each stage building on the strengths of the precious stage. It is primarily
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However, the learning process does not only occur in the classroom but also at home, friend’s houses, and on the street. A child successful experience give the child a sense of industry, a feeling of competence and mastery, while negative comments or failure gives them a sense of inadequacy, incompetent, unproductive, and inferiority, a feeling of good-for-nothing.

As for myself, I believe I have a sense of competence more. But, with certain extend of feeling being inferior. During my age of 7-9, I maintained within the top 10 position in class and I felt very happy about it. But, during the age 10-12, we shifted house and I was being transferred to a new school. With everything new, new schools, new friends, new teachers, new environment, I became close to another girl who's new to the school and joined the school later than me. During those time, all attention were given to her, she achieved the first position in class whereas for me, I was always the second position in class. I always admired her having parents who were well-educated and provided her with the right assess to information and tuition for her education. Whereas for me, at that time, my family was not well to do and my parents were not educated. I did not have tuition, and could not even afford to buy any additional assessment books. So I had to study on my own and to work very hard

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