Essay Reducing Food Production And Changing Dietary Patterns

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Feeding nine billion people, developing sustainable food system without degrading environment in the face of climate change are key challenges for the agricultural research for development (Fraser et al. 2016). All possible strategies from technology for increasing food production to equity and access to food, developing local food system, reducing waste, development of the new policies (Fraser et al. 2015 and 2016) need to developed. In addition to the direct strategies of increasing food production, improving access to food and reducing waste, indirect measures such as changing dietary patterns for example moving from high meat based food system to high vegetable based food system could also be important strategies for meeting the sustainable food for the future generation (KC et al. 2016). Taking possible measures and testing the possible strategies for increasing food production and changing dietary patterns one should think about that these measures might have positive or negative consequences to the environment (Fraser et al. 2015 and 2016; KC et al. 2016). Which need to be assess (KC et al. 2016) to make sure that none of boosting food production or reducing food waste strategies are going to damage/degrade our biosphere and/or atmosphere.
Recently scientific community showing the possibility that climate change may cause upheaval in agricultural production and commodities markets. For example, the area suitable for producing coffee may shrink by 20% globally due…

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