Red Bull Maketing Plan Essay

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Mina Chan Mei Na

Red Bull

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Descriptions

Red Bull is an energy drink found by Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria in 1984 and began to sell there in 1987 with special marketing strategy, which opened up a new product category in the world in the meantime. Red Bull now contains four types including the original Red Bull energy drink and the other one of sugar-free, the Red Bull energy shot and Red Bull Cola. With increasing demands of Red Bull, it soon expanded to more regions leading to more than 162 nowadays. In Hong Kong, Red Bull energy drink has been available since 1999.

Red Bull believes its unique marketing concept can conquer the
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Since 1987, the Company has been the sole supplier of the Red Bull energy drinks with which it helps maintain the consistency of high quality required. Moreover, the great volume (with 4.2 billions consumed world-wide in 2010) has increased production efficiencies, leading to a gradual decrease in the cost of goods sold.(10)

Customer Analysis
Referring to customer analysis, the following part portrays (1) the characteristics of customers expected to buy Red Bull drinks and (2) health and nutrition concerns of the general public.

Customer characteristics. The major target groups are mainly youngsters and are categorized into sportsman, students, workers, drivers, and people who enjoy nightlife with age from 15 -39.

Health and Nutrition Concerns. Basically, Hong Kong people are very cautious about the type of food and drinks they have. From time to time, there were news about drinks of high calories reported in news TV and magazine etc. For instance, Yakult has been accused of containing too much sugar which forced the Company to offer a low-caloric Yahult.(7)

Having seen this trend, Red Bull developed a sugar-free version to cater the general public in 2003 with other ingredients being constant. This especially attracts female customers to buy the drinks.

5. Market-product Focus

The following describes the five-year product marketing strategies:

Marketing and Product Objectives
The marketing objective of Red Bull is to distribute

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