Red Bull Integrated Marketing Campaign Essay example

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Executive Summary
This report was commissioned to to plan and develop an integrated marketing communications campaign strategy for Redbull energy drinks. The aim of the report was to rebrand Redbull as an alternative to alcohol on a night out and to recommend ways of increasing sales volume for Redbull energy drinks by 50%.
The research draws attention to the fact that Redbull energy drinks already are the number one energy drink in the world with 4.6 billion cans sold internationally in 2011, the market share of Redbull currently stands at 43%. The shares of their key competitors such as Monster and Rockstar were 39%% and 10% respectively. Further investigations reveal that consumers of energy drinks are more conscious of the health
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According to Canadian, sugar-free energy drinks currently hold a 7 per cent category share across Australia and NZ, which is slightly above the global average.[4]
Why the Customer will respond favourably?
Cheaper than alcohol
Red Bull compared with other alcoholic beverages per litre.[5]

*All figures subject to change, price as at 15 Aug 2013.
Lower in Calories
Comparing Red Bull to other alcohol beverages and its competitors in the energy drink industry, it is still lower in calories as you can see below.[6] So although it may be perceived by the audience as being high in fat, the facts prove that it is lower in calories, which we will also re-enforce throughout the "anti-drive and drive" campaign.

Socially responsible
As well as deaths, short-term effects of alcohol result in illness and loss of work productivity such as hangovers and/or drink driving offences. In addition, alcohol contributes to criminal behaviour – in 2010 more than 70,000 Australians were victims of alcohol related assaults.[7]
Socially acceptable
Excessive alcohol can effect all areas of a person's life, including family, work and personal relationships such as arguments over someone's drinking may lead to break up.[7]
Why the customer will not respond favourably?
Health Concerns
In the January

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