Recruitment And Training In Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is the process of treating employees as human beings and not as commodities. For human beings are diverse individuals, which requires managers who can possess the social skills needed to manage employee needs. (Characteristics) Its task is to ensure that qualified employees are placed in positions that will be beneficial to the success of the organization. (Characteristics) The purpose of its inception was to improve labor problems, by way of better management.
It was during the 19th century that worker, also called “welfare officers,” (History) were into introduce to forefront to ensure that female worker, well-being in the workplace was protected. Based on the article, “History of HR and the CIPD,” by CIPD
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The school of science introduced the importance of developing techniques, which would be instrumental in improving motivation and organizational behavior. (History) It was then that the implementation or testing potential employees for regarding job positions and management training became more prevalent. By testing potential employees, management are able to fill position where one’s skills are (History) Recruitment and training is imperative, in human resource management, because it is their responsibility to implement strategies that will ensure that an applicant’s skills and qualifications closely match the requirements needed for specific positions. (Human) In doing so you have an employee who is productive in their job performance. It was in the 1980s, when the term labor/employee manager would change again, this time to “human resource manage,” which brings us to where we are today. The human resource management evolution seems to have now embraced that concept that employees were not mere workers, but were asset to their organization. For when given the opportunity, employees are fueled by motivation and therefore, are committed to giving that all when given the necessary tools for improvement.

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