Recruiting And Retaining Talent At Le Bon Marche Essay

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Recruiting and Retaining Talent at Le Bon Marche Le Bon Marche is a company that belongs to LVMH and comprises various businesses including Le Bon Marche department store, Franck etFils and La Grande Epicerie. Le Bon Marche is a luxury department store that is situated in Paris, France. Given the success of its operations, the company is currently regarded as the ultimate Parisian department store and only store in the Left Bank in Paris. The success of this firm throughout its operations can be attributed to its focus on recruiting and retaining highly qualified talent in its workforce. The firm has a workforce of 800 employees with a Human Resource department made of 10 people including the departmental director, the Head of Training, Head of Internal Communication, and human resource staff. Despite forcing on recruiting and retaining talent in its workforce, Le Bon Marche can ameliorate its recruitment and retention of employees.
Analysis of Hiring and Retention of Employees at Le Bon Marche An understanding of the hiring and retention of employees at Le Bon Marche involved conducting an interview on Anne Catherine Grimal, the firm’s Head of Communication and a member of the executive committee. In addition to being in charge of the delicateness sector of the mall, Grimal is also involved in many projects and different fields of the company such as fashion, food, lifestyle, and furniture (personal communication, 2014). The hiring or recruitment process in the…

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