Summary Of When Millennials Rule By Charlotte Alter

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Millennials are the largest living generation and have strong opinions, however, they are the least represented in Washington DC. In the text, “When Millennials Rule,” written by Charlotte Alter, the author addresses the fact that the baby-boomer generation has the most representation in Washington DC, but the millennials are attempting to change the trend. For example, the author pointed out that the millennials are introducing new technology. Furthermore, they are bringing new ideas. Lastly, the millennials also are displaying initiative. The text showed the how the millennials are striving to change millennial representation.

Since the baby-boomer generation rules the U.S government, currently technology is not up to date in the government, but with the millennials' help, modern technology could be built into the U.S government easily. Millennials are jumping at this opportunity to prove that they are better for the job. For example, in the text, it said, "Buttigieg had to introduce new software to improve coordination between South Bend's city agencies, he says, because 'I was getting all my crime stats by fax.'" Earlier in the text, it said that Buttigieg is a 35-year-old, and with his age, he is classified as a
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However, the article, "When Millennials Rule," recognizes how they are aiming to change the trend. For example, the text often talked about how the millennials are introducing new technology that the baby- boomers couldn't bring to the government because they are stuck in their generation's technology. Furthermore, unlike the baby-boomers, the millennials are not stuck in the same ways, instead, they are introducing new ways of doing things and fresh ideas. Lastly, millennials exhibit more initiative in doing things because they are full of hope and positivity. The millennials are determined to change the current representation

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