Recruiting and Retaining Employees in a Seasonal Environment Essay

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November 1, 2011

Many organizations do not have the luxury of having a constant demand in their businesses. Some companies face a large increase in business for the holiday season, summer vacation, or for a major event throughout the year. These predictable trends allow many businesses to hire additional employees to help with the demand. The organizations are then forced to lay several employees off when the demand returns to a normal level.

This paper focuses on where organizations with a large increase in seasonal demand can recruit new employees and what programs they can create to help increase employee retention. Solutions include working with temporary
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Express has to cover those expenses.” Several companies also use temporary employees and agencies to find good workers to segue into a full time position (Appelbaum et al., 2003, p. 369). Temporary agencies have a contractual agreement with their workforce and offer a temp-to-hire or complete buy-out contract. The agreement depends on the firm and the specific terms in each agreement, but there are usually significant costs associated.

Counter Seasonal Workforce Exchange
Rhino Foods is a manufacturer of high quality ice cream additions for ice cream producers based in Vermont. In 1993, Ted Castle, the owner of Rhino Foods found himself overstaffed due to efficiency improvements a drop in sales (Alternative to, n.d.). The drop in sales, due to a predictable seasonal trend, created a need to lay off several employees. To help retain some of Rhino Food’s highly skilled employees, Rhino partnered with other local businesses that were facing the same problems. Rhino developed the Employee Exchange Program, which is a counter-seasonal employer workforce exchange. It formed partnerships with local companies that have predictable seasonal trends. The companies involved in the Employee Exchange Program all benefit by avoiding seasonal layoffs (Alternative to, n.d.).

The components and inner workings of the program are essential to success. Appropriate companies need to be selected that fit within the technical skills of the employees.

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