Essay about Recruitement & Selection Process

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1. Requisition of employee recruitment:
The recruitment process of Strive Enterprise starts with a manpower requisition form. A manpower requisition form is a formal document that authorizes the filling of a job opening indicated by the organization by the signatures of top management. Whenever any department is in a need of employee, they send the manpower requisition form to HR operation to start the recruitment process. They pass different criterion, such as, type of employee they need, for which position they want to recruit etc. Then they verify the requisition form. For new position they basically verify whether their headcount figure supports it or not.If all goes well, then the manpower requisition form is signed by the HR head
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A preliminary interview is conducted which follows the “elimination method”. After that, the second interview takes place with a very few number of candidates. Then the finally selected person is called for the final interview. The interview time is kept convenient for the candidate especially if s/he is working elsewhere at the time of interview. In that case the chosen time is after the business hour. For upper level position, candidates have to face one interview. Selection of upper level employees is critical compare to entry level candidates.
6. Reference Check
Reference checks allow obtaining information and opinions regarding the person’s character, quality of the work and suitability for the position. It is an opportunity to validate the information received from the candidate via their resume and the interview. Speaking to the candidate’s manager or other people whom they have worked with

7. Employment Decision
If the candidate has no problem with the stated terms and conditions of the job and the company mentioned and discussed in the final interview, s/he is offered an application blank. The application blank is a standard format of employee-information that includes all the information the organization needs regarding the personnel. The candidate has to fill this blank and submit this to the company along with a CV.

8. Pre-employment Medical Check-up:


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