Essay on Rebt Cognitive Theory Case Study

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REBT Cognitive Theory Case Study of Chris:
A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan
Rational emotive behavior therapy, REBT, considers human beings as responsibly hedonistic in the significance that they attempt to stay alive and attain some level of happiness. However, it also holds that humans are likely to accept illogical beliefs and actions which continue to be in the way of accomplishing their aspirations and intentions. Often, these irrational beliefs or ideas come into being tremendous musts, shoulds, or oughts; they differ with realistic and adaptable wishes, needs, inclinations, and desires. The existence of great ideas can make all the distinction among vigorous depressing emotions, such as sadness or regret or
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Chris wanted to be himself and live a homosexual lifestyle, but knew this was not going to be accepted by his family or the people in his environment, so he suppressed the feeling and began to have several problems within himself and in his life. He finally told himself he needed help on what to do and how to feel towards those who had a problem accepting him and his lifestyle. Case Conceptualization Chris is a 27 year old Caucasian man who grew up in the Midwest with both parents. He and his family were very close. Having grown up in a close family from the Midwest, which is an area of the United States said to be conservative, Chris’s surroundings have had an impact in his beliefs. As a homosexual, he knows that particular a lifestyle is not always accepted. Because Chris is greatly influenced by his environment and is able to perceive the wishes and feelings of people, it is quite likely that these circumstances have become factors to his uneasiness within his surroundings. Beck’s ideas of maladaptive cognitions may be brought to bear on Chris’s case, because it seems that his ability to figure out people’s implicit desires has repeatedly transformed into a want to complete them in order to form an approving environment. In addition to this, Chris has had the chance to live the life he wanted to live and the life he feels that was forced upon him: he has been married, as well as, candidly homosexual. In each lifestyle he has found himself

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