My Love Relationship

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The first time I felt a genuine human connection with someone was when I met my dear friend, Aaron. We began our relationship as friends, it was a delight to be able to conserve and be on the same level of comprehension and intellect with oneanother. We shared the same level of understanding, the ability to voice andunderstadning of similar sufferings. To recognize and acknowledge anothers pain, validating it eachothers anxieties and shared hopes for life. The beauty of wrods laid in this connection. and the ability to understand oneanother .We both loved words, conversation would be non stop and honestly kind of exhausting. Words flowed from him as much as they did for me. To be able to create music with this back to back conversation and …show more content…
His words were incredibly intoxicating, constantly raving on my beauty and wisdom. Aaron had a romanticizied fervent almost obsessive way of loving. Before I met Aaron, i had no self-esteem and harboured a strong belief that I was born unworthy of love. This impression of inferiority roots from my being born with a facial deformity. Because I was entirely void of self-worth, Aaron himself his words themselves built my complete sense of self worth with his words. But, this treatment did not bring me any closer to acceptancing myself in any shape or form. It only created a heavy dependance on him for constance reassurance and accolades. This reliance eventually became incredibly unhealthy. I remember at times I would see him in a completely dehumanized perspective and look at him as a simple vending machine for compliments. At any evident exhibition of self-doubt, Aaron would drop everything to convince me otherwise. ”Let me be your mirror”, he’d say to me as he informed me of who I …show more content…
This , of course, occured because love naturally fades. However, I was unaware of this at the time. I was sure Aaron would adore me with such vehemence frorever, i was sure that he and I were the exception. Aaron’s gradual decline in care and thought for me drove me mad and made me feel utterly lost in life. I felt so lost because for so long, i had my identity dictated to me and now i no longer knew who i was. I no longer recieved those good morning texts,or the drunken late night phone calls full of drunken depsereate declatrations of love. He had moved on , contrary to our promises of forever tand always. The abscence of words from Aaron is what drove me mad, his indifference

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