Essay On Flaws Of Education System

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Ever had that one teacher that fails you because you’re not capable of a skill that everyone else is? Or not familiar with the compatibility of working at advanced levels? Scratch that, I know the kicker. What about that one teacher that refuses to endeavor their assistance to you so that you could have an improved intellect of the assignment? We’ve all been there. I know how you feel. So, would you contemplate the fact that the education system is flawed? To be completely candid about this, no one cannot point a finger at anybody because everyone is at blame for the deficiency of the education system!

Many people points one finger at whoever plays a role in the education system. Whether it’s the student, parent, or the teacher’s fault.
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The government is at blame for the traumatic fall in the education system because they are the ones who are held responsible for the teacher’s curriculums. The government comes up with what assignments that the students have to do. Ever thought that maybe the work that the government assign is a little too challenging? Let’s not forget about the brilliant students who passes the courses all year but fails the exams. Me for example, is considered a student like that (in some classes). But who do you think is responsible for the state exams? Not the teachers, not the parents, nor the students. So who’s left? The government, correct? The government for North Carolina schools should have kept the exemption law. It’s when a student passes a course for the final grade, he/she would not have to take the exam. But now that law is vanished. Ever since then, the education system has been disintegrating. Another reason why the government is at blame is because some of the teachers at a school are low grade, unsatisfactorily motivated, and below par for their profession. ("Who Is To Blame For The Rot In Our Education System?" N.p., n.d. Web.) But think about it. Wouldn’t you find anybody to hire as a teacher when you see the inadequacy of interest in teaching, due to the fact that it is an underpaying job? So, would you or would you not consider this fact being the reason why the education is like it is today? Since teachers are currently being underpaid, it seems like many people are losing interest in the education industry for that such reason. This causes the government giving teaching licenses to just “anybody”. When it comes to controversial topics like this, people never put thought in the government. They find other people to blame when really, the government has some play in this too. In addition to that, we cannot obliterate the students who wants to go to college! College is apart of the education too. Want to know why

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