Reasons Why Students Cheat Essay

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There are many reasons a scholar may cheat. However, the most prominent reason is the pressure to meet academic standards. Students have the fear of failing. Some students struggle with certain subjects no matter how hard they study and try in that subject. While, others have problems at home or “don’t have time.” The fear of being “average” is the next reason many my cheat. The students driven who want to pursue college may feel the need to cheat to help make sure they get the higher grades needed to help them reach their goals. The third major reason for cheating is sports and extracurricular. One’s parent may have a standard for their child to participate, like having straight A’s. And those students are hoping to play or may be relying on these extracurricular activities for college scholarships. They may feel the need to cheat to make sure they meet these standards set for them. Weather it’s cheating to get by or cheating to be on top, it is never okay. Today’s teens are being stressed to obtain perfection. They are expected to be …show more content…
They can make cheating seem appealing by having a dreary class. They also can by having a great deal of hard time-consuming homework. If a teacher puts these together, it will lead students striate to cheating. For teachers wanting to minimize cheating they can make the class more interesting, keeping the students engaged and interested. They can also have harsher punishments for cheating, like getting a zero on that assignment and elevate from there if it continues. If the students see it as a problem, they can get together and discuss a way they think is a worthy way to make the class more enjoyable (Feeling Pressure). This will support minimum cheating and increases their want to learn. However, if these don’t work one should never cheat because of a teacher and their style. Cheating isn’t expectable, but having an enjoyable teacher and a consequence system will help minimize

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