Reasons For The War Against Terrorism Essay

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From the beginning of the United States history we have been fighting wars, as the times have changed so have the reasons for fight wars. There are many reasons to fight a war but few are deemed rational enough, by the people and who lead over them, to fight in the war. The United States has fought several war for several important reasons; this paper will examine those reasons. American revolution was the first war that the US had fought in and from there we moved into the war of 1812. From the war of 1812 we gained some new ideals that started the mexican American War. After ending that war we had a civil war. Now we are fighting in the war against terrorism.

The American Revolution came as a result of the American Colonies deciding that they no longer wanted to have their trade economics and politics being controlled by the Britain Empire (Conflict). Because of this the colonies started there own sliver government and began to grow their own continental army. After about a year of prep work the colonies declared independence and the tides of power changed. The United States fought in this war with as much force as they could muster, they did this because they fought for freedom and they believed completely in the concepts that became the constitution. The United States’ first official war was the war of independence and equal rights for all men. The some of the later wars the US fought in were not for such worthy goals as this(American Revolutionary).

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