Reasons For Pursuing A College Education Essay

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Humans love adventures, sports and many varieties of working out and competition. For example, hiking is one of the most painful exercises that men and women can practice. However, hiking provides an incredible joy and appreciation at the end of the effort. So as hiking, many challenges that humans faced seem to be difficult and request a lot effort and sacrifices. One of those challenges is going to college.
Different people, with different nature and different ideas lead to multiple choice and desire. In those next lines, I will talk about the choice of going to college or not. Also, I will explain some reasons for pursuing a college education those days. Moreover, I will argue about the process that is taught in college and that it should lead to success in the real world.
Some will wonder why the subject should matter and to whom it will be relevant. Those questions are really essential and attract most of the teenager and young adults who choose not to study after high school persuading that it will be sufficient for them and after they realize that their decision bring regrets in their life.
Let me clarify some points, I am not assuming that if you decide to not join a college regret will follow you. Here, I am developing if there is a significant difference between a college graduate and a high school graduate?
Now let’s turn our attention, to some thought that are coming back into the debate when a student try to decide whether or not he should go to college.
In his…

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