Should Abortion Be Legalized Essay

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The cries and screams are not your own, it’s the soul of your unborn. What do you do when you’re in fear and have no way out? What do you do when no one’s wants to listen and you are left all alone? What do you do when you’re ignored when help is most needed? Every day, these thought and concerns roam through a poor mother’s mind. What do you do when you are not ready to be a mother? Not wanting to be a mother is very common when one is just a teen. There is a solution however, it is not legal…this being abortion. In the United States the decision for legalization for abortion was based on the Supreme Court on Roe vs. Wade in 1973 when Jane Roe claimed that the Texas abortion laws violated her constitutional rights. Jane Roe won the case thus; …show more content…
Many times, it would be the men who choose to say what is right and what is wrong when it comes to women wanting to have an abortion. A woman’s body is private and her own; men should not have any say because the body dos not belong to them. Women are free to take any action towards their body, as Skinner Daniel argues in his book, The Politics of Medical Necessity in American Abortion Debates, "the freedom to be the master of her own body, and thus of her own fate, is as fundamental a right as a woman can possess” (Daniel 3). When a woman carries an unwanted child, it is her voice that must be heard, not the others. Therefore, every female around the world should have a say in keeping the child or not. Simply, it is wrong and disturbing if men have the right to make rules and regulations about the women’s body. Also, it is wrong when a woman must give birth if she doesn’t want the child. Recently an article was published by the The New York Times writer, Jennifer Senior where she states that “abortion should be legal only in a few circumstances” (Senior 1.) The circumstances described by Senior only include if the women have been raped. However, rape is not the only consequence that we should be considering. The mother’s position of class and her ability to or not to be able to take of the child must also be considered. Financial issue could also prevent a mother to failure in providing for her child. For example, if a mother is single and has no way to help financially, she could be harming the child’s life and his/her future. No child deserves to be born to a family that cannot take care of a newborn. For instance, Jeremy Williams confirms within his book Wrongful Life and Abortion, that giving birth while you yourself are not financially stable could harm the kid, “the imposition upon a child of an existence of poor quality can

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