Reasons For Assisted Suicide And The Quality Of Life

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“An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people living.” This quote by Richard Branson shows the reasons behind assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is an option in certain places that allows patients that are suffering to end their pain through a physicians assisted death. When people have to make an end of life decision, one must take into account the patients suffering, the patient's quality of life and how much the family suffers while making the decision.
The patients should be allowed to have a physicians assisted suicide because of how much the patient suffers. They undergoes physical, emotional, and psychological pain during treatments. Cathleen Kaveny from Gale database says, “The term euthanasia in
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Sometimes, patients have a low quality of life because they are stuck in bed, unable to move and talk. People with a low quality of life should be able to have an assisted suicide. This is justified with the fact that they have a terrible quality of life. The book Assisted Suicide by Lillian Forman states, “Life no longer counts as human life when its quality and meaning are gone.” A person with a low life quality is not longer fully living their life. The person no longer enjoys living their life which is why they should be able to undergo assisted suicide. Also, Ezekiel Emanuel from the gale database says, ” It would also provide psychological comfort reassurance to millions of other Americans, who would know that if things got really bad, they could end their lives.” Patients that are no longer enjoying life should have the ability to end their life which will end their pain and suffering. The quality of life of a patient should justify their decision to have a physicians assisted …show more content…
This can cause the family to suffer as well because they have to watch someone that they care about in pain. People who disagree with assisted suicide do not realize how painful it is for someone to watch a family member who is suffering. The Ted Talk, “What really matters at the end of life”, states “She said “I want to end this. I can’t take it”(Miller). I ran to the nurse’s station and said “Is there any pain medication you can give her? Is there anything you can give her? ”No the doctor didn’t write a prescription for it yet.” She dies two hours later. A terrible, painful death.” The son had to watch his mother in pain and he was unable to help or do anything. Often, this is tough on the family. If this mother was able to have an assisted suicide. The patient would be eased of his or her pain and it would be easier on the family. Another example is in the book Assisted Suicide says “Hardwig wonders if the mother had a duty to die rather than to ruin her daughter’s life.” The daughter had to pay for expenses and is having a hard time while the mother is still in pain. It can be easier to just end the pain rather than deal with the pain and suffering. Assisted suicide can help the family deal and should be legal in all

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